Dashboard Lights and Their Meanings

You should always pay attention when your dashboard lights come on. They are there to help you take care of your vehicle and help keep you safe. Some of the indicators are for serious problems, and others are there to help you maintain your vehicle. Such as:

  • Washer fluid reminder - This indicator is there to remind you to fill the washer fluid reservoir. You can find the reservoir under the hood. It's the cap with a drawing of a windshield on it.
  • Door ajar - Means there is a door on the vehicle is still open and should be closed before you continue on your way.
  • Gas cap indicator - The gas cap may not be on tight enough. When you see this one you should turn the gas cap a few extra clicks.

These are just a few simple indicators that you can see. If an indicator comes on that you don't understand, bring your vehicle in to our service center and let one of our qualified technicians help.

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