Why the 2018 Ford Explorer the Best Sport Utility Vehicle

The new year is just about here and automotive manufacturers are scrambling to get their brand-new vehicles to showroom floors. Fortunately, the 2018 Ford Explorer has already been unveiled, and it's a winner. This SUV has an award-winning design, plenty of safety features and a ton of entertainment options.

If you're a music lover, then you'll enjoy the benefits of having built-in SiriusXM Radio and Pandora. Another great attribute is the all-new Explorer is equipped with a premium 500 watt Sony audio system. There are even USB ports for connecting portable devices and smartphones.

Ford has unleashed a barrage of safety features also with the new Curve Control technology, Side Parking Sensors technology, Forward-Collision Warning, Active Park Assist and a front 180-degree camera. Nothing is left to chance with this vehicle and if you're in Mercer area, head over to Bill McCandless Ford for an up close and personal viewing of this automotive masterpiece.

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