Warning Signs: What Tire Pressure Lights Mean

Most of the newer cars today have all kinds of warning signs that pop up on your dashboard. The tire pressure warning is a crucial sign that your tires are losing air pressure and need to be filled with air. It's easy enough to stop by a gas station and fill your tires, but if you keep having to fill your tires, then you may have a larger issue than tire pressure.

Tire pressure gauges in cars will warn you when you dip too low and are in danger of risking a flat. Continuing to drive on a flat tire is a bad problem for your rims and car, in general.

You can fix your tire pressure typically by filling up your car's tires and then resetting the tire pressure gauge if necessary. In most of the newer cars, you can reset the tire pressure gauge within settings. If you have trouble with your tire pressure, contact our service center here at Bill McCandless Ford located in Mercer, PA for a great service rate!

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