Timing Belt Care

Each car that is manufactured has a timing belt or a timing chain. The timing chain is made of links that are lubricated. A timing chain is designed to last for the life of your car. Most vehicles made today have a timing belt. This is a thick belt with teeth in it.

The timing belt is not designed to last as long as a timing chain. About every 60 to 100,000 miles, you will need to get a new timing belt on your vehicle. If the timing belt is neglected, it may fray and break. If this happens, significant damage to the engine is likely to occur. If you notice that the timing belt is fraying, or if it is making a high-pitched squeaking sound, you need to get the timing belt changed soon.

If you need to get your timing belt changed, contact Bill McCandless Ford located in Mercer, PA. Our service center is waiting to help.

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